COVID19 Tips: 14 Useful Things to Do in the 21 Day Lockdown

The COVID-19 situation is the elephant in the room. We are all speaking about the Corona virus disease the impact it is going to have on the world as we know it. Social media is constantly abuzz with topics like, if it is a bio-war / bio-terrorism by China or if it is another clever ruse by the corporate world to change the tide to its favour. Some believe, it is a God-sent plague to bring the non-believers to "HIS" side. While the others believe that it is the "Revenge of Gaia", to bring in an era of sustainability.

The chatter on the social media is too loud. Facebook posts, WhatsApp forwards, YouTube videos, and the list goes on. Much of them are filled with anger, hate, fear and paranoia about people, communities, countries, Gods, etc.

However, are we addressing it? Are you?

For one, I haven't even started yet. I believe most of you aren't either but I sincerely, hope that you're.

For the fortunate ones in India, we've had a late start. Further, the domestic spreading of COVID19 started pretty late. Almost at a time when the epicentre of COVID-19 shifted from China to Italy. Before one can get a grasp of things, it is the U.S. of A, which has become the most affected one in the world. The number of affected people all over the country more than doubled in the 3 days that this post was in the draft, which brings me to the next point.

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