Content Writing Tips: Formula to Write A Killer Content That People Love

Content Writing Tips
Writing a good content can turn out to be a tough task for most people. Writing a killer content that is loved by people and ranked by search engines can be the worst nightmare, even for experienced writers. I'm giving you the easiest way to write great content. It is a simple step by step formula that anyone can replicate to improve the quality of content.

My Content Writing Journey

I started my content writing journey in 2010. Or at least, that is when I started to make money out of my writing skill. Prior to that I've been a regular prize winner in essay competitions and other literary competitions like story writing, poetry, etc.

For the first two years of my content writing journey, I used to write around 500 words for a paltry amount of ₹55/-. Although, the effort that was required for such a work was low, I used to do research for each topic, and provide better quality work. However, the cheap content writing work, didn't improve my content writing skills. It only made me a word machine.
For one, it improved my typing skills. I got better at typing. Also, it gave me the ability to weave stories easily and create copy that can be used to tell a story after a revision. After 2014, I wanted to better my craft and started reading more about writing and even pursued Udemy courses on content writing.

Proven Content Writing Formula

Now, I've the ability to write (not just type) a content of 500 words in 18-20 minutes. A small blog with a proper call to action under half an hour. I don't claim that these are the best figures in the industry but it could be better than most cases.
After working in the industry for more than 10 years, I'm fairly hopeful that, now, I've a safe formula for writing a killer content that can be ranked with comparative ease and that will be loved by people. 
My content writing formula is simple, easy and repeatable. It is continuum.
Content Writing Tips


  1. Correct
  2. Object Oriented
  3. Nuclear in Nature
  4. Timely
  5. Irresistible
  6. Nimble
  7. Useful
  8. Unique 
  9. Marketable

Continuum is the easy step by step formula for writing great content that people love. The advantage of continuum model is that, it allows easier expansion of topics, creation of content in related topics. It also rides on the social wave and extracts social mileage by being relevant to the trending topics.

Without anymore dilly-dallying, lets see the Continuum Model.


Correctness of the information, data and facts is very important, if you want the people to trust you. In order achieve this, always prepare well for your content. Research the necessary topics, understand the idea or the concept behind the topic that you wish to create the content for.

When your content provides the best information, your content will stay relevant much after its initial publishing. As a result, it will gain more organic shares and reach more people.


Any content that you write should have a clear objective. Defining the objective before creation of content, helps in proper content planning and writing. For example, if your aim is to increase the number of subscribers to your blog, then you'll have to concentrate on providing more value to the readers. If you want to make a sales, then write with the objective of selling. You should always have only one strong objective. It is better than several related objectives.

My aim in writing this is to educate readers, like you, with simple but usable tips that improves your writing. When you've the objective in your mind, all your words will take you to the next logical steps before reaching your objective. The length, voice and tone of the content depends on the objective and hence, this play an important part in writing a good quality content.


Nuclear in nature means that the content should be written in a way similar to the structure of nucleus. As said above, any content should have only one objective. Just like the dense nucleus of an atom.

Of course, even nucleus has protons, neutrons and quantum particles but they all come under one large idea - your central objective.

However, if you need to create content around this central topic, it should be possible. Just like the revolving electrons, you should be able to create related content. This helps in creating more loyalty from your readers, as you're providing all the necessary information that are related to the topic.

Further, this also helps in creating content clusters that provides great advantage in your SEO efforts.


I can never over-stress the importance of this. Timely content is very important. When I say, timely, I mean two related but important concepts.

  1. You should write content when it is required by your readers.
  2. You should write content when it will have maximum reach due to the social wave.

I don't mean that your content should entirely depend on the whims and fantasies of the readers. Similarly, you should not create content for every hip and happening topic that might go viral.

You should gauge the approximate demand for your topic and write a content that can ride the tide and reach more people.


Any content that you write should be irresistible. The content should be attractive and you should not give any reasons to your reader, to avoid your content.

The value that you provide with your content should outweigh the costs such as time spent on reading your content, potential loss of benefits such as deriving better value at some other place, etc. When you can make your content worthwhile, it will be irresistible.

Some easy steps for keeping your content irresistible.

  • Concentrate on the value that you provide for your readers.
  • Say in 100 words that ought to be said in 200.
  • Use images and videos to keep it engaging.
  • Make it easily accessible.


Nimble means light footed and easy to move around. Writ your content in a lucid way. Use sophistication, only at locations that is necessary. The simpler and structured your content is, the more it will be seen and read.

All content that you write need not be more than 2000 words. It can be shorter and sweeter, hence smarter.


This might look like a no-brainer but usefulness of any content depends on the needs of readers. So, when you write content, have the user/reader in your mind and then create content for the reader. Have the focus on one person. Create the content for that reader.

Don't try to write content for a very large audience. That will not only decrease the focus of your content but also diminish the value of it for everyone.


All humans are unique and in that way no human is different. In the same way, the content that you create will be very similar to what your competitors create.

In other words, even when you're inspired by a different content, you should differentiate your content from every other one in the digital arena.

This reduces the problems with plagiarism, copyrights, or other intellectual rights.

Moreover, your uniqueness will make it memorable for your readers.


Marketable means the ability to take your content to its potentials readers. It also means that the content is in demand and you can reach more people easily.

It also means that no part of it is abusive, offensive or contains targeted hatred. In present day, social media discourse, it is very hard to maintain such a high degree of objectivity but that is what sets apart great writers from good writers.

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In short, when you create a CONTINUUM content, you can future proof your content and make it useful and lovely for your readers.

Continuum is a stable and time-tested concept that grows the value of your content exponentially. Use the continuum model of content creation and bring more readers to your website.

All the Best!

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