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COVID19 Lock down has extended for more than 30 days & already the economic cost of the move on India is unimaginable. However, it has averted or mitigated the explosion of COVID19 cases in India. If you're able to read this you're fortunate than more than 80% of the people in this country.

The lock down has put a clamp on the economic activities of many sectors. However, the lock down affects different set of people differently. The discomforts of wealthy people are no way comparable to the worries salaried class. The worries of the salaried class is not as worse as the plight of the casual workers. However, the agony of visually challenged people is beyond comparison.

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I've been working with Kanavugal Lifeline Foundation for the past three years & I know the founder of the trust from Gnana Deepam Trust days. Mr. K. Saravanan, himself is a visually challenged person but his untiring efforts to bring light into the lives of others in general, and particularly the persons with disability deserves not just praise but concrete and complete support.

That is why, I've started a fundraiser on Milaap for the same.

On the outskirts of Tiruchirapalli, lies a small village called Nagamangalam. In this small place, lies a colony of 72+ families. The colony is a quarters built by the government especially for people who are visually challenged. Almost all of the families have at least one visually challenged person.

The families were dependent on the sale of incense sticks and other incense products in buses and trains. With the lock down in place, these visually challenged agarbathi sellers are unable to sell their products and earn their bread.

Kudos to the efforts of government machinery, other Non-Government Organisations, and individual volunteers, the cruelty of the COVID19 lock down is reduced a little.


Not all is well on the ground.

The regular needs of an average family goes beyond the food materials alone. Although help is arriving in different forms and channels, the needs of the visually challenged people and their families are greater than the supply of funds and materials.

Even when the lock down gets over by May 3rd, 2020, they will not be able to continue their usual work. So, their needs have to be fulfilled by stop gap arrangements and kind donations from people like us.

This fundraiser is on behalf of KLF, Kanavugal Lifeline Foundation, a registered NGO in India. So, you also get 80G certificates for the donations that you make. This means, that the amount of money that you donate for the cause is exempted from paying the income tax.

Usually Milaap charges around 5% of the total raised amount as platform fees. However, for this fundraiser campaign, as this is being used for the welfare of people during the pandemic COVID19, the platform has foregone its charges and providing the service for free.

This means that other than the payment gateway charges, almost the whole of it is going to reach the beneficiaries directly.

This COVID lock down is a challenging time for everyone but the lock down affects some more than the others. The plight of visually challenged people is higher than others.

If you think you're fortunate when compared to them, and if you've some money to donate, do take this opportunity and help the people in need.

You can either go to Milaap and donate to the fundraiser or use the following details and donate to the cause.

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Once again, I thank you for your support to Kanavugal Lifeline Foundation in providing dignity to the visually challenged agarbathi sellers in time of COVID19.

I'll personally update you about the fund collection, information about beneficiaries and exact expenses of the activity.

Kanavugal Lifeline Foundation

Thank you for your continued support.

On behalf of KLF,

Angarayan Sundarakalatharan.

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