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Content Writer Bengaluru

Content Writing 101

Content Writing 101 is the beginner level preparatory course for aspiring writers. This 10 day programme exposes you to different types of writing and provides you with necessary resources and exercises to hone your writing skills. Anyone who've finished the schooling or with equivalent knowledge can apply for the content programme.


Target Audience

  • Aspiring content writers
  • Those who want to start blogging
  • Web Designers, Solopreneurs, and those who want to build their personal brand.
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Content Writing Mastery

Content Writing Mastery is the advanced level course for writers who have a fairly good knowledge and experience in writing. This 30 day programme exposes prepares you to a number of writing styles, content types and also provides you with a basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). Anyone who've finished the Content Writing 101 course will find it easy to follow the course content. Freelance writers who want to expand their portfolio and get better understanding about writing for web can also enrol in this.


Target Audience

  • Freelance Content Writers.
  • Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers.
  • Web Designers, Solopreneurs, and anyone who want to build their personal brand.

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SEO Mastery

SEO Mastery is the perfect programme for individual who want to take up SEO as a career. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and implement the best practices of SEO without much difficulties. You can start learning this course, even if you don't have any basic knowledge of HTML. This 30 day programme takes you from internet literate to internet expert. It takes you from being a Google user & puts you on Page #1 of Google.


Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to pursue SEO as a career.
  • Experienced Writers, Affiliate Marketers.
  • Web Designers, Digital Marketers.
  • Solopreneurs, Small business owners, etc.,.
Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Masterclass

Content Marketing Masterclass is the perfect programme for experienced content writers and digital marketers. The intensive programme is a practical class in which the trainees will be trained to carry out their own content marketing activities. This programme will help you to build your online identity and establish yourself as an online personality and influencer. This 30 day programme helps you to start your own blog, website, create various types of content and actively market them to build a thriving brand. All, by yourself.


Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to become an accomplished content marketer.
  • Experienced Writers, Affiliate Marketers.
  • Digital Marketers
  • Creative professionals like Photographers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Authors.
  • Solopreneurs, Small business owners, etc.,.
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