CXL Conversion Optimisation Review by Angarayan

Conversion Optimisation Minidegree Review – Should You Pursue it?

Conversion Optimisation is fast becoming one of the most commonly used words in the field of digital marketing. All around the world brands and businesses have started to concentrate on conversion Optimisation.  While conversion Optimisation for conversion rate Optimisation was always of prime importance in the digital world, most businesses have overlooked the importance of this key performance process.

With more and more businesses entering the digital world in the year 2020, conversion rate Optimisation has again come to the forefront of digital marketing. It has opened up per plethora of opportunities for Digital marketing Agencies and freelancers.  In a country like India, the opportunity and demand for experienced conversion optimisation experts is high.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Optimisation in simple terms is the process of making changes in the website, landing page in order to drive the visitor’s towards specific predetermined action. Conversion Rate Optimisation is important for websites that sell their products or services and also for websites in which the site owner wants the visitor’s to do a particular action.

For an informational website the specific call-to-action could be simple sharing of the email ID with the website owner.  On an eCommerce platform the action could be to order or buy a specific product. On a website that uses advertisement as the main source of revenue the call to action could be clicking on the advertisements or the affiliate links.

Regardless of the nature of the call to action, driving the visitors to perform the specific task or leading them naturally to perform the desired action is called Conversion Optimisation.

A Sneak Peek into the CXL Conversion Optimisation Minidegree

CXL Conversion Optimisation Review by Angarayan

Conversion Optimisation as a niche is a profitable and lucrative field to be in.  At the same time it requires a lot of knowledge and experience in the field to be able to provide visible results for the client.  It is also helpful if you are interested in digital marketing power if you have your own eCommerce website where you are telling your products and services.

 Conversion Optimisation is an unique part of digital marketing. It is so unique and specialised that not many courses are available in the market. CXL offers a Mini degree on the specialisation.

The Mini degree contains 33 courses and a final certification examination. The whole degree is again divided into 5 important broad topics.

  • Foundation
  • Conversion Research
  • Testing
  • Optimisation Strategies
  • Conversion Optimisation Program Management

All the 33 courses are taken by experienced people who are thought leaders in the industry.  Some of the course instructors include people like Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences, Peep Laja, founder of CXL, Momoko Price of Kantan.

Courses start with the basics and then progress to an advanced level.

This blog is part 1 of the 12 part series that I’m writing about the conversion Optimisation Mini degree of  I will be writing a new article every Sunday about the progress of the course and also give you a sneak peek into the contents of the course.

Is the Minidegree Worth the Time & Effort?

Is the Mini degree worth the time and effort?  Conversion Optimisation Mini degree by CXL is one of the best and most revered in the field.  However the relevance of the degree depends on the nature of your need.  For me as a digital marketing freelancer in India, I gain a lot by completing this degree and implementing the things that I learn in the course. I will be able to optimise my website and also that of my clients.

 If you are someone looking to get a certificate in the field of digital marketing this is not the right course for you. Add trackers a lot of commitment and hard work from your end to finish the course, let alone implement the learning.

Conversion as a Science

Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences, in help introduction to conversion rate Optimisation course has provided a bird eye view of the process. The course has useful insights on why CRO is important for all businesses and walks us through the basics of CRO.  Each conversion optimisation process should have a specific and measurable goal. He also teaches how to manage the ideas for the implementation of the CRO process. Writing hypothesis and the null hypothesis for important steps that one has to go through before even thinking about conversion optimisation.

He provides and in the knowledge about the various sources of data, how to derive the insights from those data. A/B testing is a fundamental part of CRO. It provides you with the data that is related to you choose either of the changes so as to increase the conversion.

Basics of A/B testing and the various statistics that one has to be aware of are amply explained.

These sessions have made a mind-set change that one has to undergo before excelling at conversion optimisation.

Best Practices of CRO

Best practices of conversion optimisation gives you an in depth knowledge about the various best practices and industry standards that are associated in CRO.  Course also touches on the optimisation of the website speed redesigning of the homepage importance of the visual design, length of the page, clear call to actions, e-commerce checkout pages and lead generation.

The second part of the course is definitely not for the lighthearted.  It requires rigorous reading and understanding of the lessons. The importance of content and copy in the conversion rate optimisation process is also touched upon.  Design and content forms the fundamentals of conversion.  You cannot afford to have a poor quality content and expect to get very high results.

Conversion as a Service

Conversion as a service will soon be an important service that will be offered to individual’s owners and business owners. Similar to SaaS and PaaS, CaaS will be a happening service to offer in the year 2021 and beyond.

If you are determined to ride this wave of conversion optimisation, it is high time that you join the conversion optimisation mini degree. You can be assured that you will be trained by the best in the industry. At the same time how you will implement the learning from the course depends entirely upon you.

See you in the part 2 of the 12 part series on next Sunday.

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